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Serbian market – IN YOUR HANDS! We are market research professionals from Serbia. If you are looking for market intelligence from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro - just call us!
SERBIA BUSINESS PROFILE 108,000 companies plus 220,000 entrepreneurs (50% of them in Belgrade region)! 7,2 million people (1,7 million employees)! 38 billion $US GDP.
Consumers in Serbia Average age is 41.5 years; 1.7 million employees plus 1,7 million retirees; Average gross wage is 520 EUR; 55.2% have PC, 47.5% have Internet access.
Consumers in Bosnia and Herzegovina Population 3.8 million people! Two major cities: Sarajevo (291,000) and Banja Luka (200,000). 680,000 employees and 650,000 retirees. Average wage is 430 EUR. 2.1 million have Internet access.
PRECISION & RELIABILITY We are profiling entire market or industry, with proven scientific methods.

What can Intelligence d.o.o. do for me?

1388883135_Question-markEverything what is necessary for a Corporate world that has a clear picture of consumers preferences, motives and needs; Answering questions with the highest precision about the consumers behavior is our job and pleasure! We are conducting the whole methodological process exclusively for the Clients needs!

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intelligence location serbia bih montenegroIntelligence d.o.o. has it's own network in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. We have about 240 fully motivated and highly trained interviewers, mystery shoppers and supervisors in Serbia. With ESOMAR partners we can provide for our Clients any research project in the World!



intelligence-reference-iconReference list 2015.

Please download PDF presentation with reference list. Document has one page with key information.



ESOMAR Corporate member

ESOMAR_corporate2015_RGBIntelligence is the only Serbian company which has a Corporate membership of the most important organization for market research ESOMAR since 2013.


MSPA Member

mspa_member_longIntelligence is member of Mystery Shopper Providers Association since 2015. We want only the best knowledge for our clients and ourself.